2018 Summer Programs Schedule*

*Subject to change without notice


(Free unless otherwise noted)

Visit the Village

Thursdays 9am-3pm

Saturdays 10am-4pm

Stop by to observe and participate in the happenings at our ancestral village.


August 16th-26th

1805 Lewis & Clark Living Experience

Watch as participants live like it is 1805 in the Lemhi Valley. You can stop by anytime to see what is going on at camp!


August 18th

Commemorating Lewis & Clark in Lemhi County

Commemorating Sacajawea’s return to her homeland with the Lewis & Clark Expedition in August 1805: Native American dancing, heritage skills & craft demonstrations, & more!


August 25th

Agaidika Gathering

Join the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes as they celebrate their homeland with a spiritual walk/run along Agency Creek and singing and dancing, and a salmon and buffalo feast onsite.


Most Tu., Th. & Fr.

11 am

from June 10 to August 31

Interpretive Talks

Join us in the red barn (aka the Meriwether Theater) to listen to a story that brings the journey of Lewis and Clark to life!


($6 each unless otherwise noted)

June 8th—10am-4pm Drop-in Class: FREESTYLE BEADING-Learn to bead on just about any surface from buckskin to cotton. All Ages.

June 15th—10am-4pm Drop-in Class: LEATHER WORKING-Working with leather is not as hard as some people think, join us to learn leather tooling methods to decorate your belt with a unique design. Ages 10 and up.

June 16th—1pm–4pm Drop-in Event: MOUNTAIN MAN FATHER’S DAY SHOOTBring your Dad to Outdoor School and have a blast trying your hand at shooting a bow and arrows, throwing the Atl Atl, working on your hatchet target practice and more! Stop by anytime between 1pm and 4pm. Stay as long as you want! Try some Mountain Main trail food, watch cannon firing demos, historic gun display and “man stuff” from the 1800s. Admissions: $2 per person

June 22nd—9am-3pm Drop-in Class: FLINT KNAPPING-Before the electric drill, and before metal tools, mankind lived in the Stone Age. Learn the forgotten skill in this class. Make an arrow head or stone knife of your own design. Ages 10 and up.

June 29th, Friday1pm-4pm Demonstration-Earthen oven building and cooking demonstration in conjunction with the Preparedness Fair

June 30th, Saturday10am-4pm Drop-in Class: FIRE MAKING-Learn how Lewis & Clark and the Native Americans they met made fire on the trail. Ages 10 & up.


July 6th—10am start: THE HAND GAMEThis game refers to objects being held in the hand during play and is played among 81 Indian tribes across the country. Today make your own game set and learn how to play this historic game. All Ages.

July 13th—10am-4pm Drop-in Class: HAND FELTED BAGS-Learn how to turn raw sheep wool into a beautiful felted bag. Also consider signing up for needle felting next week to decorate the bag you make today! Ages 10 and up.

July 20th—10am-4pm Drop-in Class: NEEDLE FELTING-Using this easy, creative technique learn how to make patterns and designs on fabric or craft a small toy animal! Ages 10 and up.


August 3rd—10am start: WILLOW WEAVING-Learn Basic whole-shoot willow basketry techniques practiced by our ancestors everywhere. Take home a willow basket you make today. Ages 12 and up.

August 10th—10am-4pm Drop-in Class: WOODEN SPOON CARVING-Use local materials, students will learn the basics of wood carving and carve a beautiful spoon to take home. Ages 10 and up.

August 16th-26th1805 LEWIS & CLARK LIVING EXPERIENCE-This overnight program is a journey into living history. Participants strive to emulate and recreate life as it might have been for Lewis & Clark when they passed through the Lemhi Valley in August 1805. Join us in hide tanning, basketry & fire making, shelter building, primitive cooking methods, processing wild foods and more! Visitors are welcome to stop by and observe throughout the program! For details visit this page.

NOTE: The Outdoor School provides hands-on ancestral living education and experience for all ages. Drop-in classes can be joined at any time. Programs with a start time require more involved instruction and typically last at least 2 hours. Most programs are designed for ages 10 to adult. Younger children may attend with adult supervision.

Please pre-register! If space is available you are welcome to take your chances and register onsite the morning of the program, but some classes fill up quickly. If you are interested in attending a program give us a call to check if the class is full: 208.756.1188. Print out a registration form/waiver (found below), fill it out, and bring it with you to the program.

Junior Explorer Program


Kids age 6-12

Stop by the Interpretive Center to pickup a Junior Explorer workbook and learn what you need to do to become a Junior Explorer.

6-8 years old…………complete three of the activities listed below and two journal activities

9-12 years old………complete four of the activities listed below and three journal activities

13+ years old……….complete 6 of the activities listed below and all journal activities





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