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The creation of the Sacajawea Interpretive, Cultural & Educational Center brought a dream to life. The dream was to create a lasting legacy in honor of Sacajawea, the Agai’dika Shoshone-Bannock woman who helped Captains Lewis & Clark in their quest to find a Northwest Passage crossing the Continental Divide into this area, over two hundred years ago.

For more than a decade, a diverse group of passionate people worked to turn concept into reality, and in 2005, the Center held its grand opening to coincide with the Bicentennial Celebration of the Corps of Discovery and their voyage through what is today known as Lemhi County, Idaho.

Today, the Sacajawea Center continues to honor the historic significance of Sacajawea, the time spent by the Corps of Discovery in Lemhi County, the natural world its members explored here, and the culture they encountered. The Center has become a highly valued community asset. Visitors and local residents enjoy walking “back in time” on the Center’s trails, which afford rare access to over seventy acres of unspoiled river valley lands and mountain views. Center programs offer a number of compelling workshops and classes that are both educational and entertaining.

Whether you venture out to do some bird watching or to take in a live concert at the outdoor amphitheater, you know that the Sacajawea Center is a very special place and that we are lucky to call it a part of our home.




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