Each year the Sacajawea Center hosts weekly programs that explore some part of the natural world just like Lewis and Clark were doing as they traveled west. Children ages 5 to 12 can participate in these programs and work towards earning their Sacajawea Junior Explorer certificate  Program information and topics are below. No preregistration is required. Please call us with any questions – (208)756-1188.

Wednesdays – 10:30-Noon

Meet at the Interpretive Center Fire Pit

Open to ages 5-12, parents welcome

Topics Subject to Change without Notice

June 22:  Animal Apartments
– From webs to dens, learn how different animals build their shelter, and then try making your own.

June 29:  Eyes See…
– …but how do they do it and why do we see color and what makes animal eyes glow in the dark?

July 6:  Wilderness Detectives
– We’ll explore the signs animals make as they travel and use our detective skills to figure out where they are going and what they are doing.

July 13:  The Mighty Sagebrush!
–It is all around us here in the Lemhi Valley and it has some pretty awesome adaptations.

July 20:  Pictograph Pictionary
–People have been painting and carving symbols in the landscape around them since they’ve had hands, come explore what we know about them because of their symbols.

July 27:  Tremendous TREEEEEEEEEEEs!
–Trees are cool.  They can live to be hundreds of years old and keep a record of the climate around them and, cute things live in them – so there’s that, too.

August 3:  Lewis and Clark-Lemhi County’s First Naturalists
–It is time for a scavenger hunt…don’t you think?

August 10:  Animal Olympics!
–Honestly, if wild animals were allowed to compete in the Summer Olympics, humans would never win. Come find out why!

August 17:  There’s a Bug in My River!
–It is time to do some river wading and learn about the things living in the water that are hard to see.

August 24:  Geology Rocks!
–It is true. We think rocks are pretty great: gold, obsidian, fossilized trees…are you interested now?

August 31:  Winter is Coming!
–…in a few months.  In the meantime animals are getting ready for the cold months and in the process they are competing for resources. Learn what they do to survive the harsh winter.

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