The National Trails System turns 50 this year and they are inviting us all to take part in the commemoration by submitting your favorite trail photos. The National Trail System includes recreation trails, hiking trails, scenic trails, and historic trails. Showcase the beauty of Lemhi County by sharing your photos from along the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail! or the Continental Divide Trail. All the information about the contest can be found at

If you are not much of a photographer consider sharing a short story about an experience you have had along a national trail. Your story can be submitted at the link above. The story should have a minimum of 400 words and a maximum of 1000, more detail from the Trails website are included below.

We want to hear from you. Tell us your trail story.

  • Why is this story noteworthy, innovative, cool or fun?
  • What challenge(s) or goals does it address: for example, community engagement, volunteer management, trail management/design, connecting with young people?
  • How does this story reflect some aspect of your trail’s unique history, culture, landscape, trail management, users? Does it offer a “behind the scenes” perspective on your trail? 
  • If possible, please include a short quote from a key figure in the story, that helps capture the feeling or sets the scene.

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